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2nd Sunday 2024 January!

COLOMBO 3 land for sale
24 perches 30 feet wide a
cess road wide road frontage
clear deeds Rs 16 milion
per perch Strictly no brokers.
Contact 0772730850

COLOMBO 5 – off Havelock road Havelock Garden
18.88 perches No brokers

COLOMBO 5 close to
Havelock city Maya Avenue
12.20 perches bare land wall
around gate water, electricity available sale no brokers.

COLOMBO 7- Facing Horton Place
20 perches with a
house 4 bedrooms 3 bathrooms
servant qts No brokers

COLOMBO 7 Ward place
facing 41 perches with building
income 18 lacks per
month 0775484445

DEHIWALA – Wanarathana
Road Behind Dehiwala Zoo
19 perches 2 old houses No
brokers, 0775052581

DEHIWALA 50m distance
from 200 road Medhanka-
ra mawatha valuable 11.6
perches for sale. 0773476100

Kawdana Broadway 8 perch land with
single storey house for sale
Giving for land value contact.

DEHIWALA, Anderson rd 2
stonied house 5 BR/ 4WR 3
vehicles parking peaceful environment
01 km to Kalubowila hospital and Kohuwala
junction 15.7p Rs. 100.0mn
(Negotiable) Tp 0777303305,

Nedimala,Wijayaraja Mawatha, 15 perch
land with two storey house
with fumiture for immediate
sale due to owner migrate.
50m to main road. 4 rooms,
2 bathrooms, pantry, kitchen
& parking for 6 vehicles. No
Brokers. 0723307664

DEHIWELA Fully tiled up-
stairs hoUse with two bed-
rooms attached toilet and
separate guest toilet. Spa-
cious hall, Dining, pantry and
maid’s toilet. One exclusive
parking with roller shutter
entrance. Located at highly
residential area with 24 hour
security off hill street. Dehi-
wela. for inspection please
call. 0777879300 No brokers

Road 8p land and house with 3 rooms for sale. No brokers.

EASY access to Athurugiriya,
Kaduwela, Malabe town, Land close to 190 bus route for sale. Call: 0706655518

ETHUL Kotte flower road
perches 7.5 land for immediate sale 75m distance to Kotte
road and 250m to Parliament
road, one perch 3.8 Million.

BATTARAMULLA @ Udumulla road 1km ín distance located 21.37p with parapet
wall could Negotiable after inspection.0777765563

tugoda Rd. Two storied house
on 15 perches 350 meters
to main road 4-bedrooms
3-bathrooms. Rs. 42.5 mil-
lion Negotiable 0777456835

pelawatta 8 or 16.5 perch land facing 20f carpet road 2.5 million
per perch. 0706112711

watta Junction perches 30 super luxury house, swimming
pool, lift, 6 vehicles parking
facility, for all 7 rooms, 7 bath-
rooms, Solar powe, gener-
ator, entire house AC, sg.ft.
12000 new unoccupied house
for sale. 0768525687

watta Rathnayaka Mawatha,
Liyanage Mawatha, Pa-
halawela Road in the vicinity
of Parliament very excellent
20 perches land house con-
sisting of 3 rooms in the single
storey of this land. Selling less
than land value as urgent matter. 0768525687

Pelawatta, Pannipitiya road, close
to Palanthuna junction land
with two storied house or part
for sale. 0773534944.

for sale. 1km distance from
junction old small house also
available ideal for residence
for land value selling in the
land. 0717001073


Jayawadanagama Housing
Scheme, 2 bedroom fully com-plete House for sale. Parking available. 0778789920,
Pelawatte, Pipe Road, 15 perch
Land for sale. 15 feet road.

BATTARAMULLA Koswatte, Shanthi Mawatha,
10 perch Square Land for
sale. 23 Lakhs per perch.
Near Thalangama Bus De-
pot and cool planet head office 18 feet Road. Contact;

Pelawatta, Akuregoda, Lake Road,
22 perch land with house for
sale. Electricity & water avail
able. Close proximity of Isuru
Paya & government offices.
0766552184, 0722401401

lahena, Himbutana Road, 8
perch square land for sale.
Rs. 11.75/- per perch. Price
can negotiate. 0775785932

to Pelawata Malabe Maln
Bus Route, 11 perch land for
sale. ldeal for business or in-
vestment. 0714290392

BOKUNDARA Pliyandala
15.1P of bare land with
boundary wall, well and wa-
ter tank ldeal to construct
a new house. Quiet, serene
and highy residential area.
12 feet access road. Close to
all amenitios approximately 5mínutes away from Main Colombo Horana Road. About
1km from KDU Hosptal. Rs.
25 M. 0777583900 No Bro-
kers please.

perches old house 30 meters
to main road 23 lakhs per
perch, 0777346835

Squire land with parapet wall
for sale. 22 Lkhs per perch.
Negotiable. 0717741041

Raththanapitiya facing to
campus road valuable perch-
es 39.50 or 8/7 5/15.5 as
blocks for sale. 200m to Rath-
thanapitya town. 0773476100

thanapitya facing G.H per-
era Mawatha 4 bedrooms, 2
Bathrooms 20 perches. No
brokers. 0775052581

pus 10p land with house for
quick sale. 100m to 177 Main
Road. 21 milion. 0788666622

vulapitiya, very close to Bel-
lanwila Jogging Tracks, pre-
cious 13.50 perch, clear deed,
pipe borne water, three phase
electricity, in calm & quite
residential area Sn Bodhira-
jarama Road. First Lane
between Pepilyana Junction
& Raththanapitiya Junction,
Divulapitiya Road) Rs. 1.95
Million per perch. Price nego-
tiable, 0722141213

BRAND New Single Storeyed
house for sale in Malabe/
Athurugiriya 3 bedrooms, 2
bathroomns Servant toilet, Iiv-
Ing area, dining modem pan-
try, wet kitchen and Verandah
SLT Fiber line with telephone
Peo TV internet Parapet wall
with a Roller shutter remote
gate: land 6.5P
wh parking
space for two vehicles Close
proximity to Southen highway
entrance: Kaduwela Kothal-
awala, Athurugiriya SLT
CINEC, Horizon College &
Campus Malabe Boys & Giris
Neville Fernando
Hospital Supermarkets/ shop-
ping: SPAR, Keels, Cargills,
Pizza Hut Dominos KFC, Cool
planet Price: 19 Milion Nego
tiable Contact 0703887437.

close to towns land plot clear
deed with pipe borne water for
you looking for investment re-
serve now 0706646992

kothalawela On Gangodawila Soma
Himi Mawathe 11p prime and
squire land with parapet wall
for sale. 500m to High Way,
1km to Kaduwela, 3km to Ma-
labe and 1km to SLLIT Cam-

KADUVWELA Ranala valua-
ble brand block with beautiful
back ground for sale for in-
vestment or house call today
to construct. 0706565924.

KADUWELA Ranala with all
facilities in new land project
for residence and investment
buy a land to pay easily Speak
now 0706565920

KADUWELA buy valuable
land block to pay without in-
terest with all facilities remain-
ing perches 6,7,8 special dis-
cOunt in this for further details
contact 0706565922

KADUWELA close to town
land block clear deep with
pipe borne water for you look-
ing to invest make reserve
now. 0706565923.

KADUWELA in town newly
built refueling station at the
bank side 10p block of land
for sale 10km to Colombo

KADUWELA, Kothalawala,
Vihara Mawatha, 12.40 perch
Land for sale. 0757270527

HOMAGAMA Magammana
19.55p land and slab house
with 3 rooms, 2 bath rooms
and clear titled for sale. 100m
to Road.0712966895

HOMAGAMA close to Hos.
pital, perches 26.5 land for
sale. With house. 0702726711

HOMAGAMA town 10p land
and double storied house for
sale. Calm and decent en-
vironment. Rs. 26,500,000/-

HOMAGAMA town very
close to Kottawa High Way
entrance, Railway Statoin and
Hospital 20p land and luxury
house with 5 large bed rooms
with bath rooms, large balco-
ny, hall, rock garden, servant
facilities, solar and 3 phase
electricity, Jackfruit timber
and parking for 10 vehicles.
0771199678, 0712327740

Gamunu Mawatha, facing to paddy
field, calm & quit environ-
ment, 10 perch land for sale.

Halbarawa Road, 10 perch with 2
roomed House 30/- Lakhs.
10 and 5 perch three Land
blocks for sale. 2 1/2 Lakhs.
0775243740, 0702735120
[1:57 pm, 14/01/2024] Manoj: NUGEGODA dose by Em-
buldeniya 12 perches twO
storied house 4 rooms single
story hOuse 3 rooms 225/-
lakhs 7.4 perches single story
house 3 rooms 145/- lakhs.

NUGEGODA cdose to junc-
tion 4 rooms 3 bathrooms
perches 38 charging only to
land superb for residence and
office facing to Nugegoda old
road superb land perches 74
very excellent land Interma-
tional school Hospital Hous-
ing complex 1 perch 26 lakhs.

NUGEGODA, 500 m to
Delkanda junction, precious
12 perch land for immedi-
ate sale. 20 feet road, 25
lakhs per perch. No brokers.
0766969590, 0717580431

NUGEGODA, near Delkan-
da Junction, 4.85 perch land
with house for sale. 29 Lakhs
per perch. 0773780262

NUGEGODA, newly built 3
Storied House, 10P, 3700sq.
ft., 04BR, 04 BT, brick walls,
teak doors and windows, hot
water, CCTV, A/C. 77.5 Mil-
lion. 0768917158

PADUKKA – Horana Road,
200m away, 7 perch with
House 32 Lakhs. 6 perch bare
Land 10 Lakhs. 0760218945,
0713514295 (New House, 3

PADUKKA, Udumulla, 200
perch Land bordering to a
picturesque paddy-field. Rs.
165,000/- per perch, with all
facilities. 0716625501

and 50m to Kottawa-Borella
Main Road 18.5p land with
house for sale. Suitable for
an office also. 0716662543

Depanama PANNIPITIYA two storied
houso 4 bed room 4 bath
room 8 perches 2700 sq.feet
hot water AC ceiling fans in
every room 2 minutes to pub-
lic transportation in Weera
mawatha Basement office
with a bathroom separate
entrance servant bath room
1 1/4 K meters to Boralla Bat-
tharamulla route 2 vehicles
parking plants with flowers ant
fruits in the roof top house is
fully tiled brokers not interest-
ed 385lks 0763396900 Con-
venient Location.

PANNIPITIYA, 14.5 perch
land with large modern two
storey house for sale. 5 rooms
(2 A/C), 3 bathrooms, large
yard. 35 M. Price negotiable.

bagashathara Junction, 14
perch land with 4 rooms large
house in respectable environ-
ment. 350 Lakhs. 0776329411

PAPILIYANA Dehiwala road
Araliya garden 10p two sto-
ried luxury house with furni-
ture G/F large bed room with
wash room livining dining and
pantry U/F large master bed
room with wash room and
two bed room common wash
room and TV area double car
park prime residential good
neighborhood 300m from Pa-
piliyana junction 60m ‘Senara’
real estate agent 0716816200
No strictly brokers.

Depanama Panipitiya
5Om to Kottawa-Borella
Road 18.5p land with
e for sale. Suitable for
ofice alsa 0716662543

PANIPITIYA two storied
house 4 bed room 4 bath
8 perches 2700 sq.feet
water AC ceiling fans in
room 2 minutes to pub-
ansportabion in Weera
tha Basement office
a bathroom separate
mce servant bath room
K meters to Boralla Bat-
ulla route 2 vehicdes
g plants with filowers ant
n the roof top house is
ed brokers not interest-

PANIPITIYA, 14.5 perch
with large modem two
house for sale. 5 rooms
3 bathrooms, large
35 M. Price negotiable.

hathara Junction, 14
land with 4 rooms large
in respectable environ-
350 Lakhs.0776329411

PEPILIYANA Dehiwala road
a garden 10p two sto-
UXury house with furni-
GIF large bed room with
room Iivining dining and
y UF large master bed
with wash room and
bed room common wash
and TV area double car
prime residential good
hborhood 300m from Pa-
ana juncion 60m ‘Senara’
estate agent 0716816200
strictly brokers. T733-1
PILIYANA Dehiwala road
hiwala MC limit near ‘Spar’
opping moll 30 wide tared
mple road front 13p block
Bm plp ‘Senara’ real es-
te agent strictly no brokers

Perera Mawatha Perches
land dlear Deed. 20 feet
pet road. 0777309754.

PELAWATTE Battaramulla
ches 7 1/2 land
facing Bolgoda Lake 12.5p land
with clear and approved deed
for sale. 9/50 Lkhs per perch.

oad valuable land perches
17.7 completely work finished
ground floor 20 1/2 million
0704556469, 0740449270

road land for sale with house
33 perches 2.3 millions per
perches 0789981610

ya 296 bus route Samanpu-
ra Green Paradise housing
Scheme 10.5 perches square
land water electricity tele-
phone drains available. Wall
on three sides. 10 minutes
to Piliyandala and Kottawa.
Clear deed. 0777876366

aditta Road new model super
double storied house with 5
rooms and 4 bath rooms for
sale. 400 Lkhs. 0769124690

completed newly built 3 sto-
ried house with 5 rooms and 4
bath rooms for sale. 375 Lkhs.
No brokers. 0777118821,

rooms, 3 bathrooms, parking
space for 4 vehicles, unoC-
cupied house. 315/- Lakhs
(Owner) 0743582387

Kottunna Road, fully complete
House with 18.5 perch, 10
minutes to Piliyandala Town.
16 1/2 Million. 0704556469,

PILIYANDALA, facing to
main road, 5.3 perch land
with 1400 sq.ft. house with
furniture for immediate sale.
House consist 3 bedrooms, 3
bathrooms. Telephone num-
ber 0712935259,0773640070

and modern double storied
house with 4 rooms, all fa-
Cilities, pantry, kitchen ano
garden for sale. 290 Lkhs.

piliyandala (Golumadama junction)
12.5p land (with old house)
for sale 2300000pp 300m
to Galle road. 0758211947,

RATMALANA Katubedda 7
bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, pre-
cious 2 houses immediately
will be sold by the owner in
Europe. 0754531277

RATMALANA, 22 perches
facing Galle road with 3000sqft
Old usable building previously
occupied by a bank. Parking
for over 15 cars. No brokers.

Housing Scheme and 800m
to Raukmalgama town 6.25p
land for sale. Owner migrat-
ing. 7 Lkhs per perch or high-
est. 0777313438

150 meter distance to junction
Welipara adjoining 15 feet
road 10 perches square land
for sale one perch price twen-
ty five lakhs price Negotiable.

24 perch land with two sto-
rey house. 6 bedrooms, 5
bathrooms, 6500 sq.t. Park-
ing facilities for 10 vehicles.
85 Milion. Price negotiable.

Kalalgoda Road 2 Storied
House with 5 rooms, 4 bath-
rooms,18 perch, Roller
gate, for sale. 470/- Lakhs.

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